Posted by: mamadhia | March 19, 2007


Pyet djali babain :

– Babi, Ferrari mos është gjë një makinë e kuqe me një kal ?

Po xhan i babait, pse pyet ?

– Me duket se sapo na parakaloi …



postuar nga tetena



  1. rrofsh Tetena 🙂

  2. That is hillarious.

  3. duhet te falenderoj nje shoqe nga Kanadaja qe ma dergoi me meil. Me beri vertet per te qeshur ndaj e vendosa ketu.

  4. . 😀 😀 😀

  5. […] 22nd, 2007 This is the funniest thing I have seen in an age. Go check out this guy’s post. I cannot understand a word but the photos are hilarious. Posted by max Filed in life with […]

  6. haahah sa kam qeshur shum e fort kjo

  7. I love this photo.

  8. this is absolutely hilarious. for the english speakers here it goes
    daddy, are ferraries red with one horse inside?
    yes sweetie, they are red with one horse power. why do you ask?
    well one of them just passed us by…

  9. That is very funny.

    Thanks, bletebzz.

  10. Hey, bletebzz, what language is this?

  11. it is Albanian of course.

  12. Thanks. We thought so but I got sent off to double check.

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